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Posted by Betty Saenyi on 09 March 2012 11:47 AM

Teleport Africa is now offering iDirect Evolution x3 services on Nss-12 KU-band, giving fantastic coverage over Eastern Africa, DR Congo, Zambia and the Middle East including Yemen. It also partly covers Angola, Zimbabwe,Chad, Libya, Mozambique and Egypt.
This is in addition to the Nss-12 C-band on X3   and T11 -Ku-band strongly covering Africa.
Teleport Africa Evolution x3 services come with many advantages. The Hubs are located in the Netherlands with well backed up power and Internet back bone. Our Customers enjoy low latencies and better VOIP quality. There are also many tools in place visible to the end user to ensure you have the best management over your network.

We work very closely with Partners to deliver Quality services to the End user.
For more information hit the “Live Support online” button and chat with our sales team now! OR send mail to
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South Sudan (Juba) - Technical Support office
Posted by Martin Kivuva on 28 July 2010 09:36 PM
TeleportAfrica ltd has now opened an office in south sudan - Based in Juba. This is due to increased demand by our customers that they needed close presence in southern sudan.
No costs of engineers transport, accomodation and meals. Professional support at your door step.
Collaboration: TeleportAfrica Ltd / Space Engineering Ltd Teams.
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New C-Band service - Amazing rates!!
Posted by Martin Kivuva on 28 July 2010 09:30 PM
TeleportAfrica is now offering C band service on NSS12 satellite at very affordable rates, all over Africa. Please contact us for a 48 hour free test of our wonderful service. It works with 1.8m circular-pol antenna, 5W, PLL and Exo X3. Enjoy!!
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